Satisfactory News – THQ Nordic Acquires Satisfactory Devs Coffee Stain Studios And Wreckfest Developer Bugbear

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THQ Nordic has taken some time out from buying beloved-yet-forgotten gaming IPs to… buy up a pair of studios instead. This morning, THQ Nordic announced it has purchased both Coffee Stain Studios and Bugbear Entertainment.

Coffee Stain Studios inadvertently shot to fame with Goat Simulator but has since taken its tongue out of its cheek with well-received titles such as Deep Rock Galactic, A Story About My Uncle, and the much anticipated Satisfactory.

Meanwhile, Bugbear Entertainment has spent the last six or so years working on Wreckfest, a spiritual successor to Flatout. It’s been earning strong reviews since it left Early Access a few months ago, and there are also console versions right around the corner.

“We are creating a complementary digital native pillar to THQ Nordic,” said Lars Wingefors, THQ Nordic CEO. “Coffee Stain is a passionate and highly competent team creating and publishing great games. After some years without major releases, the pipeline of new game releases such as Satisfactory and Deep Rock Galactic look strong. I look forward to working together with Anton Westbergh and his team in the future.”

Janne Alanenpää, CEO of Bugbear Entertainment, said “We are very excited to join forces with the THQ Nordic team. I believe THQ Nordic will become a perfect home for Bugbear to support our passion for games and for our customer. We look forward to accelerating our development of high-quality racing games to contribute to THQ Nordic’s portfolio and future growth.” High-quality racing games at a faster rate is certainly something we can get behind. Wreckfest is fantastic but it is was loitering in Steam Early Access for half a decade under the guise of Next Car Game.

Coffee Stain Studios also has the potential to be an absolute cash cow. Satisfactory has all the workings of an underground smash hit provided the dev team plays its cards right. “I strongly believe that THQ Nordic is a great home for Coffee Stain,” added Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain. “In addition to having long experience within games development and publishing, THQ Nordic has the skills, willingness and capital to support our new releases and growth in the future.”

The already-bulging ranks of THQ Nordic continue to expand. The publisher now has a formidable stack of studios and IPs, with a staggering 55+ games in active development. It’s turning out to be quite the catalogue.

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