News – First 65′ Nvidia BFGD Monitors Available to Pre-order – 4K 144Hz G-Sync for $4999

First revealed this time last year, Nvidia and its hardware partners have finally got their butts into gear and announced the first Nvidia BFGD gaming monitors will be shipping from February. BFGD stands for Big Format Gaming Displays and these things are absolutely massive at 65 inches, with a price tag to match.

In order to meet the criteria for an Nvidia BFGD display, these monitors need to house some serious tech. They need to be 65-inches large to starters, which is bigger than the vast majority of TVs, let alone PC monitors. BFGD monitors are also required to be 4K, at least 120Hz output (144Hz preferable), 1,000 nit HDR, have a 384-zone matrix backlight, and of course, must have G-Sync HDR technology built in. The absolute best of the best, basically; massive displays with fantastic specs for the ultimate PC gaming experience.

In February the first of these BFGD displays will ship from Nvidia hardware partners such as Acer, ASUS and HP. They will be the first 65” G-Sync displays in the world.

The first to be revealed is the HP Omen X Emperium 65, a 65” monster display with a 400:1 contrast ratio, grey to grey response times of 4ms, wide viewing angles and a 144Hz refresh rate. The HP Omen X Emperium 65 even comes with its own 120W in-built soundbar to deliver some top-tier audio. Round the back, it’s kitted out with three HDMI ports, a single DisplayPort, and four USB ports.

And the price tag for this big beauty? *clears throat* Ahem. The HP Omen X Emperium 65 will retail for a frightening $4999 / €4,799 and will launch on February 24th. Definitely not cheap then, out of the price range of just about everyone, but an interesting peek at the things to come.

Nvidia seems confident the HP Omen is at the top of the heap, meaning a few slightly cheaper models could be inbound from Acer and ASUS. And, er, emphasis on the ‘slightly’.

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