World of Warcraft News – Blizzard Founder Mike Morhaime is Leaving the Studio Permanently in April

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Blizzard’s ever-so-slightly-worrying descent into mild chaos continues with the confirmation that Blizzard Entertainment co-founder and strategic advisor Mike Morhaime is leaving in April.

Morhaime is a man of legendary status for long-time Blizzard fans, helping to create Blizzard in 1991 as part of a three-man team that included Allen Adham and Frank Pearce. Morhaime has been Blizzard throughout its entire existence, overseeing the creation of Warcraft, helping to launch World of Warcraft, and generally steering the good ship Blizzard in the right direction.

Having originally stepped down as Blizzard president in October 2018, Morhaime became a strategic advisor in order to still have one hand on the rudder. Just a few months later he’s now confirmed he’ll be leaving Blizzard permanently though. J. Allen Brack is now the head honcho at Blizzard.

“As previously disclosed, on October 3, 2018 Michael Morhaime entered into an agreement with Activision Blizzard, Inc. (the ‘Company’) pursuant to which he would provide strategic advice to the Company in an advisory capacity,” Blizzard’s filing says. “Mr. Morhaime’s employment with the Company as a strategic advisor will conclude on April 7, 2019.”

In Activision-Blizzard related news, earlier today it emerged Destiny developer Bungie will be parting ways with Activision, and it’s taking the Destiny franchise with it.

As to the all-important question of where Morhaime will reprise his role as bassist in Elite Tauren Chieftain now he’s got all that free time…. we have our doubts.

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