Fallout 76 News – Bethesda Suspending Fallout 76 Accounts Until It’s Told How Players Got Into Secret Dev Room

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Bethesda’s torrid time with Fallout 76 has, sadly for the publisher, continued into 2019. Fallout 76 players have discovered a hidden developer room within the game’s open-world and have begun rummaging through it to discover unreleased content and secret, potentially game-breaking weapons and items.

The developer room is included in Fallout 76 as a means for Bethesda to test out content in the live version of the game.  There are also dev rooms in Bethesda’s single-player games, accessible through console commands. However, it was never their intention for players to be able to access the secret lair in Fallout 76, an online-centric title.

Bethesda’s current solution to the problem is to automatically suspend the accounts of any players that manage to gain access to the F76 dev room, at least until Bethesda manages to find out how the heck players are doing it.

Slightly amusingly, users on Reddit are reporting that Bethesda is reaching out to players who have accessed the room in an effort to find out how they go in, warning the players they will “remain suspended and unavailable” until Bethesda receives an answer. Yes, Bethesda has actually decided to hold player accounts ransom over a bug in its own game. There has to be a better solution than delivering paid customers an ultimatum.

It’s all a little bit embarrassing really. Players have been rummaging through the room and discovering new Power Armor, unreleased weapons, every current entire in the entire game, and even Fallout 76’s only human NPC. Naturally, fans have been trying to get as much out of the room as possible before getting banned, including making alt accounts to raid the room and trade the items to their other accounts before they can get banned.

Well, I guess we can pile this up alongside the ticketing system exposing user details, nylon-bag-gate, and the frame rate being tied to physics as the list of embarrassing issues that have plagued Fallout 76 since its launch. At this point, we’re starting to even feel a little sorry for Bethesda, such is this catalog of errors.

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