Battlefield V News – First Look at Battlefield V’s Panzerstorm Tank Map Due to Drop on December 4th

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DICE has locked down the dates for the first bombardment of post-launch content for Battlefield V, kicking off on Tuesday, December 4th with the arrival of the Panzerstorm map.

Like all post-launch maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles, Panzerstorm will be available free for all players. This tank-focused map is being touted as one of the largest Battlefield maps yet seen. It takes place in the Belgian countryside amid rolling hills and farms. Infantry will have to make use of barns and other outhouses for cover against the might of the tanks, but it certainly looks as if the armoured vehicles will have the upper hand.

The first gameplay has emerged from Panzerstorm, although it’s almost exclusively focused around capture point F, the Swine Farm. As you can see it’s perfectly possible for an infantry squad to hold a point against a tank onslaught, although building fortifications is going to be vital in order to minimise tank drivers’ lines of sight.

You’ll want to skip to 55m30s to view the gameplay.

Head to 1h0m and you can also see the first gameplay from Battlefield V’s Practice Range, an addition that’s also coming courtesy of the December 4th update. The Practice Range is an opportunity to go hands-on with weapons and vehicles, taking part in shooting range challenges, races, and other challenges designed to allow players to master the tools of BFV. Of particular interest is the ability to practice flying planes in the Practice Range. There aren’t many opportunities to do this in most Battlefield titles, aside from being repeatedly slaughtered in a real match, so it’s the sort of thing that could come in mighty handy.

Along with all of that, the final War Stories chapter, The Last Tiger, also drops on December 4th. This puts players in the boots of an actual German tank driver during the closing stages of WW2.

And finally, on December 6th, the first Tides of War chapter begins. Dubbed ‘Overture’, this adds a new progression tree to advance and will including special challenges and missions to unlock new items.

Quite a lot for Battlefield 5 players to get busy with over the coming weeks then. There’s probably an argument to be made that some of this should’ve been included in time for launch, but it’s only a few extra weeks to wait.

Have any of you given Battlefield V a shot? How are you finding it so far? Let us know!

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