ARPG Last Epoch surpasses Kickstarter funding goal

ARPG Last Epoch surpasses Kickstarter funding goal | PC Invasion

Eleventh Hour Games has successfully concluded their Last Epoch Kickstarter funding run reaching a total of

The time traveling ARPG will no go into full production mode and one of the stretch goals have already been reached which is controller support. The team is going to continue crowdfunding via their website until 24 may they hope to achieve more of their stretch goals which include more PvP modes, a lore journal, and character customisation.

ARPG players are always looking to try something new and it’s worth trying the demo Eleventh Hour Games released for the Kickstarter campaign because that will have played a large part in helping them reach the goal. Today they also held an AMA with Eleventh Hour Games’ Judd Cobler where he answers more questions about what’s coming up.

It’s always good to see Kickstarters done right and Last Epoch will be a game to keep an eye on as development continues in the months ahead.

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