Facebook Page and an Extra Fridge – Recipe for Success?

fb-artImagine the possibilities of a Facebook page combined with a fridge! Hardly can you get anything from the two, right? That’s what many believed until recently when Montgomery House Surgery secured a deserved good rating by Care Quality Commission inspection. A Facebook page and a car refrigerator boosted a surgery by a doctor strangely! Besides the award, the surgery was also highlighted as having exceptional care for young people, children and families.

How did this work? Winning an accolade just because of a fridge and a mere Facebook page? Lets break it down; in a nutshell, the Surgery partner had enough time to read into Care Quality Commission inspection metrics, since it was still a new concept in inspection scene and different from the accustomed Ofsted system. Prior to the inspection day, they had created a Facebook page that they believed would communicate better with the visitors. In the same time frame, the surgery conducted mock inspections from the external audit they had invested in, which suggested an extra fridge will give more room for medication.

The watchdog inspection was the first one in the dispensary since the Ofsted system was laid off. Several areas acclaimed the “Good” rating; responsive, caring, safe and well led. However, the one section that received a mark of less satisfaction was effectiveness. The report emphasized that the needs of the patients were treated with high responsiveness. It also indicated that patients said they were treated compassionately with respect and dignity. Patients remarks pointed that the surgery involved them and their decisions towards their treatment.

54079332.jpg-pwrt3The effectiveness aspect cropped out of the invitational treatment segment. They were rated low since many patients that were being invited for treatment never showed up and neither gave reasons for not showing up. Some of the ailments that patients were invited for but never turned up included asthma and high blood pressure. After three letters are sent to a patient, marks are placed on their notes to stop affecting treatment targets for the surgery. The inspection officials perceived that this statistics were shocking and were higher than the country’s average.

Among the recommendations put up by the dispensary was to investigate why the invited patients never show up and whether the patients just don’t like them or because the couldn’t get an appointment. however, the practice manager was delighted with the impressive report about the children. It meant that they were at a good stage and the future was optimistic.

Ultimate Facebook Fails

CELL-PHONE-01-14-142Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media site in the world today with billions of people all over the world currently having at least a single Facebook account. Most people, myself included take certain liberties with Facebook in terms of the nature of posts we make be they picture based, text based or video based posts. For most people such liberties have most often than not paid off whereby they have ended up either conveying a positive message or eliciting a positive response from other users. This category of people can indeed be considered the Facebook successes. On the flip side though, there are the Facebook fails. Facebook fails in this context simply refers to those posts that have ended up eliciting a negative response, inadvertently conveying an unintended message or even posts that have ended up being downright offensive to other users. Here is a brief review of some of the posts that I consider the ultimate Facebook fails.

In this post, a user is annoyed about the fact that they have come across the ending of the Twilight movie is a magazine. This is rather ironical since the Twilight movies are all based on the books and the ending of the movie is therefore already available in the public domain. The comment by another user reminds them of this fact. This comment is both sarcastic and reveals the apparent ignorance of the user.


Post: Stupid magazine gave away the ending to the new Twilight movie.

Comment: I think the book gave away the ending before the magazine did.

In the next post, a user inadvertently reveals their ignorance by a post requesting information about a cheap tanning place. The response is both correct and sarcastic whereby another user informs them the place is outside. This is certainly true since sunlight is the cheapest and most readily available tanning component.

Post: Does anyone know of a cheap tanning place

Comment: Outside

In the next post one user request for a phone number from another user after issuing them free advice on hiking as a natural remedy to cold. The user then responds and apologizes for not having a mobile phone. Ironically, the update clearly indicates that the response has been made via Facebook mobile.

Post: That is great. Colds are the worst. What is your cell phone number so that I can text you when we are having another hiking activity on schedule.

Comment: Sorry, I do not have a cell phone.

Sent via Facebook mobile

Best Facebook Fails

fb-artFace book is the most used social media worldwide. Having being embraced across all age groups it has revolutionized means of communication and even gone further to be a source of entertainment by the funny memes shared, and a source of real time news as soon as they happen. However some may have been over expressed or given a wrong impression. This turns out to be a fail creating online trends. Here are some of the best funny Face book statuses;

# User 1

A guy uploads a photo on Face book with the girlfriend dressed in a swim suit and captions as follows

“My house girl and I, she does cleaning every part of the house, very hardworking.”

The same photo is uploaded by the girlfriend and uses the caption below after tagging him,

“Feels good when a nigga gets laughing you hard. # mine # happiness all daybed times”

It’s most probable that the nigga is cheating on the girlfriend and has to hide the identity but the lady proudly uses the photo to share their happy times. Whom do we believe???

# User 2

macys-star“Poor elevator system installed in Macys Mall. But how do I get to the ground floor? Feeling pissed”

Who ever needed an elevator to go to the ground floor of a building? Or was it a way of checking into the mall?

# User 3

Lady Posts a photo and checks in Dubai, Sand dunes. And captions “enjoying every bit of my vacation.” She leans against a white car with a number plate definitely not based in Dubai “TEXAS FV8630” which is packed among other cars with the same number plate series.

The lady intended to display a posh lifestyle she lives and how much she globe trots but chose the wrong background for her image.

# User 4

I’m marrying my fiance next weekend. When our salaries are both combined it sums up to $30800. I earn $800.

It’s ironical that the guy earns more that the lady while he is supposed to be the bread winner.

# User 5

I met this woman, in a friend’s wedding who seemed to have aged gracefully. She turned to me and asked “I hope you are next in line?” I just smiled back.

a sweet baby sleeping on a blanket

We later meet in her friend’s burial the next weekend. Coincidentally we are seated together. I turn to her and ask”hey Ma’am, would you answer the same quiz that you asked me a week ago? ”

# User 6

“A packet of condoms costs $1.99

A packet of diapers cost $10.55” choose wisely.

The irony in avoiding unprotected sex and; its consequences or rather how expensive it is in later costs.